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VW Touran

Broadcast dates : 20th June 2004
24th June 2004

Right now the MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is the New Deal as far as family motoring is concerned. It seems as if every month there are new models on the MPV scene from the likes of Renault, Toyota, Peugeot and others. 

One of the latest arrivals is from Volkswagen. And as far as Volkswagen is concerned, there is nothing new about MPVs.

In fact the original Volkswagen Kombi can lay claim to being the prototype MPV. Based on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis, the first air-cooled, rather asthmatic Kombi was actually launched in 1950.

Like the original Kombi, the Touran is based on a modern popular car, and in this case it is the new-generation Volkswagen Golf.

One of the design briefs for the new Touran was that it should be not much longer than the estate version of the Golf, so the extra space had to be found in width and height.

MPVs like the Touran are an obvious choice as a family car. They are particularly popular amongst women drivers with children.

One of the features that women drivers enjoy is the elevated seating position of MPVs.

And there is a definite trend where MPVs are replacing less-wieldy four-by-fours as family cars in the household, as they offer the same high vantage point, but easier parking and much better fuel consumption than 4X4s.

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