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Safer driving - part 2

Broadcast dates : 20th June 2004
24th June 2004

Last week Clint took us through the amazing technological advances in the past few years that have made modern cars so much safer. This week he takes the 20-year-old Mercedes-Benz 200 and its modern-day counterpart, the E200, onto the race track.

New Mercedes-Benz E 200 KOMPRESSOR
The world's most luxurious car, the new E-Class was successfully introduced to the South African market in June of 2002. The model range is now being extended with a newly developed supercharged engine. The arrival of this innovative Mercedes-Benz E200 KOMPRESSOR means that the E-Class is now available with six state-of-the-art engines with outputs ranging from 120 kW to 350 kW.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class redefined standards when it was premiered back in 1995 with its drag coefficient (Cd figure) of just 0.27, which at the time made it the most aerodynamic series-production saloon in the world. With the new model, Mercedes engineers have succeeded in undercutting that best mark by some 3.7 percent, to achieve a new record drag factor for this category of a mere Cd = 0.26.

Over the past few decades, Mercedes engineers have continually improved the E-Class, using innovative solutions to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in accident research. Crumple zones and ABS, airbags and ESP®, full side curtain windowbags and Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™), belt tensioners and Brake Assist; are all examples of ground-breaking inventions from Mercedes stemming from over 60 years of committed development work in the field of vehicle safety. These features are provided as standard safety equipment in the new E200 Kompressor. These innovations help to prevent accidents and form the basis for the exemplary safety standards set by cars bearing the three-pointed star.

A host of standard comfort features include parameter steering, leather steering wheel and shift lever, 5-speed auto with touchshift, speedtronic and cruise control, 4-Zone climate control with sun sensor, 6 disc CD-changer fitted in the front console and a 80 litre fuel tank.

In the ELEGANCE line the E-Class presents itself with all the typical Mercedes quality characteristics. Fully equipped, with Sensotronic Brake Control, front and rear sidebags and windowbags (total of 8 bags effectively 10), 4-zone climate control with sun sensor, an Audio 20 radio with cassette drive, telephone keypad, 10 speakers and integral radio aerial in the rear window. 6-CD changer fitted in the centre console and light-alloy wheels are some of the standard equipment in the ELEGANCE line.

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