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Renault Modus
Auto Africa preview

Broadcast dates : 24th October  2004
28th October 2004

Renault launched the Modus at the Paris Motor Show just over a month ago and amongst other special exhibits this will take centre stage at Renault South Africaís Auto Africa stand.

Renault has shied away from calling the Modus a mini-MPV as it feels this boxes the it into a category that doesnít quite fit the product.

Renaultís marketing boffins feel it is a type of car that hasnít existed before, being a very small car with loads of exterior space.

The Modus is a hint of an entirely new small-car range to come from Renault and this one has interior space as its priority, with the car targeted very much at the female market.

For this reason the Modus has a number of stowage options, such as a flip-up front seat, similar to that found in the Nissan Micra. Incidentally the Modus shares itís chassis platform with the Micra, Renault and Nissan having joined forces a few years ago.

The Modus is just 3,8 metres long but it is very tall for its size with an airy cabin being one of its main priorities. It has modular seating options, including a rear seats that folds in a number of ways and is adjustable in terms of desired leg room or storage space in the luggage area.

The steering column has more than an incline than on Renaultís Clio, for example and this has enabled a raised driving position which has become popular where dense traffic is a fact of life.

The rear hatch has a double-opening function for loading versatility and the optional bicycle rack was designed to ensure that the rather sci-fi-looking rear lights were not obscured.

Is this one for South Africa? In Europe it sells for about six per cent more than the equivalent Clio, which places the Modus between the Clio and the Scenic. And itís due here around May 2005

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