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Auto Africa 2004
Page 2

Broadcast dates : 31st October  2004
4th November 2004

In contrast to the massive show of strength on Mercedes stand, the BMW expo was a model of restraint. But in terms of performance there is nothing restrained about the new M5 mega-sedan, due here in June 2005.
This is the fourth-generation M5. Launched in Europe a few months ago, it’s set to rock the establishment, despite its slightly pin-stripe suit appearance.

A zero-to-one-hundred in four-comma-seven seconds,
a top speed of two-hundred-and-fifty kilometres-per-hour-limited, but close to three-hundred with the speed limiter removed, a seven-speed sports-manual gearbox with lightening-fast manual changes, and a V10 engine. Nothing understated about that!
Volkswagen’s stand was a mix of on-and off-road performance elements, and these came together in its Paris-Dakar lookalike showcar, called Concept T.

It’s fitted with a V6 engine churning out a hundred-and-seventy-seven kiloWatts, and has four-Motion all-wheel-drive to go with those chunky, almost amphibious-looking tyres.
The VW Golf GTi has had rave reviews in Europe, and its performance is competitive in the highly-charged boy-racer league with a six-speed gearbox and a seven-comma-two-second naught-to-one-hundred.

Overseas the new GTi is available with the amazing new Direct Shift Gearbox, the world’s leading edge transmission system we reviewed in the Audi TT a short while ago.

With DSG, the zero to one-hundred is cut to six-comma-nine seconds, well in keeping with the bigger alloys, deep-throat air intakes and low stance.

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