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Auto Africa 2004
Page 3

Broadcast dates : 31st October  2004
4th November 2004

Hot Orange. Thatís the exclusive colour for the Mini Cooper Convertible, which is guaranteed to blow your hair back, baby. Itís available in both standard Cooper and supercharged S form, and early next year youíll be able to let the dogs out in one of these. The top is unique in that it incorporates a sunroof option too.

Donít expect much in the way of legroom, but enjoy the contrasting interior trims, which are available in combinations of silver, anthracite, aluminum and wood.

The S-version is quick, with a two-hundred-and-fifteen kilometres-per-hour top-speed and a seven-comma-four-second nought to one-hundred.
LFS. That stands for Lexus Future Sedan and this concept car from Toyotaís luxury division points the way the brand will be heading in the next few years.

Over the past decade, Lexus has built its reputation on luxury, discreet styling and an amazing reputation for quality.

The LFS concept says that these attributes will be enhanced by a definite move towards performance. The car is interesting in that it has all-wheel-drive and a potent V8 motor.
It also has pre-collision detection radar to sense obstacles ahead, working in combination with yaw sensors and steering angle sensors to determine if the driver is able to avoid an accident.

If a collision is likely, the seat belts are automatically tightened, and Brake Assist is enabled. If there is a collision, the airbag system, including knee airbags for driver and passenger are deployed according to impact severity.

Toyota has taken the lead as far as environmentally friendly cars are concerned, and the Prius is a runaway success worldwide.
The Toyota CS and S showcar is a hybrid sports car with a mid-mounted petrol engine and an electric motor powering each wheel.

The Toyota CS and S was first shown in Tokyo last year but this is its first visit to South Africa.

Toyota call this system E-Four, for Electric Four-Wheel-Drive, and the aim with this car is to prove that ecological awareness and driving pleasure donít have to be mutually exclusive.

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