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Auto Africa 2004
Page 4

Broadcast dates : 31st October  2004
4th November 2004

Motor shows are about entertainment as much as information, something some of the manufacturers seemed to forget on media day.

Audi provided some light relief for foot-weary journalists with its reveal of its concept car for the year 2035.
The Audi RSQ was the star of the recent movie “I Robot” –co-starring Will Smith. This rather predatorial vehicle was developed by Audi Design for the movie. It’s a mid-engined sports car and… …. Hmm, that’s about all we know about it.

We wonder whether replicas of those insect-eye wheel covers will start making their appearance on old Skylines and Golfs in a few months time!
Back a bit closer to earth, the V6 3.2 Version of the Audi A3 was launched at Auto Africa and it’s on sale right now.

It uses the same  hundred and eighty four kilowatt engine powering the latest TT coupe. And it’s available with the new DSG, gearbox, rated by experts as the best gearbox on the planet right now.

Subtler i d tags include a revised nose and seventeen inch alloy wheels for this powerful newcomer.
Renault had a strong showing at Auto Africa, reflecting its serious inroads into the South African passenger market. The Modus which we previewed last week is due next year and a seven-seater Scenic and the larger Espace are also set to score big in the MPV market in 2005.

German coachbuilders Karmann, famous for cabriolets like the VW Ghia and Golf, developed this special folding glass roof for the striking new Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet.
This is one sleek car with the top down, which takes twenty-two seconds after pressing a console button to fold the steel and glass roof.

The boot section is quite large in proportion to the body but its very practical – four-hundred-and ninety litres of luggage space with the roof up and a hundred-and-ninety litres with the top folded down for summer. The Megane in closed-top form is a very rigid motorcar, and Renault is confident that the Coupe-Cabriolet will be one of the sturdiest topless cars on the market.
Two fixed roll hoops are standard, and the Megane cab comes with a choice of one-comma-six and two-litre petrol engines, or the award-winning one-comma-nine litre turbo-diesel engine.

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