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Auto Africa 2004
Page 6

Broadcast dates : 31st October  2004
4th November 2004

The Nissan 350 Z was the most successful sports car launched in South Africa this year. Now the Roadster is waiting in the wings to open up new avenues for this meaty, blue-blooded driving machine.

Judging by its looks, it’ll be more of the same from Nissan next year.
Alfa Romeo showed its lithe, elegant GT, simply called the Alfa GT. It uses the three-comma-two litre V6 found in the GTA, but in slightly de-tuned form to give a smoother power delivery.

Power output is a hundred and seventy-six kilowatts, transmission is a six-speed manual and… yes, the sleek GT is coming to South Africa, possibly before year’s end.
Engines, Cars under wraps, glamour. There was just so much more to Auto Africa that we would have loved to devote the next few programmes to the show.

Engine cutaways of turbodiesels and rotarys, SUVs like this Volvo XC90 that bared its all, design studios at Opel, game shows at Toyota and of course… glamour by the truck-load!

A great event, and not only Africa’s biggest car show, but one of world standard.

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