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VW Caddy

Broadcast dates : 21st Nov 2004
25th Nov 2004

Urban transporters like the Caddy are in effect a variation on the four-by-four double cab theme, and based on rugged work-horse pick-ups.

The Urban transporters, in another life, would be delivering pizzas or tending to plumbing requirements rather than moving people.

It develops seventy-seven kilowatts at around four-thousand rpm and two-hundred-and-fifty Newton metres of Torque at one-thousand-nine-hundred rpm.

In short, an ideal engine for a load-lugger, be that people or cargo.

Both the one-comma-six litre and one-comma-nine diesel models come with the special Life package. This is a trend amongst manufacturers these days to offer full luxury specs on low-powered as well as high-powered models.

The standard spec also includes Child Safety System seat belts, which fix the rear outer seat belts in position Ė in other words by-passing the inertia-reel system, to enabling secure fixing of child seats.

Our turbo-diesel vehicle had the Life Package, which includes side airbags to compliment the dual frontal airbags. The alloy wheels are optional, as the normal Life models have full-width wheel-covers to smarten up the standard steel wheels.

High-spec optional equipment also includes cruise control, seat-heating and satellite navigation, as well as a six-CD shuttle.

A tow bar is another optional fit, which will come in handy if all seven seats are used, as there is negligible luggage space with the third row of seats in place.

The servotronic steering technology on the Caddy uses body sensors that gauge cross winds and driving speeds, thus imparting enough steering feel for the driver at all times.

The overall impression the Caddy imparts is that, apart from a few metal trim areas showing around the door frames and the roof, itís a remarkably refined form of family transport, despite its utilitarian exterior looks

Itís not going to win any fashion awards. But it has well-sorted suspension, a good power train and body insulation is such that there is no drumming or cockpit vibration that one would associate with a mere panel van.

Living with cars like the Caddy, you tend to overlook the utilitarian appearance and realize that they make good urban sense.

Volkswagen Caddy 1.9TDi Life
  • Engine: Four-cylinder turbodiesel, 1 896 cc
  • Power: 77 kW @ 4 000 rpm
  • Torque: 250 Nm @ 1 900 rpm
  • Transmission: Five-speed manual, front-wheel-drive
  • 0-100 km/h: 13,3 seconds (claimed)
  • Top speed: 166 km/h (claimed)
  • Fuel consumption: 6,0 litres/100 km (claimed)
  • Price: R195 000

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