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Car magazine

Broadcast dates : 28th November 2004
2nd December 2004

Car Magazine has been known as "the motoring bible" of South Africa since its inception in February 1957.

The Cape Town-based magazine has seen off dozens of flashier competitors over the years, and in terms of circulation figures Car outsells its nearest rival by almost four to one. 

Road testing always has, and always will be the staple of Carís monthly mix. The magazine was the first to start using sophisticated test equipment back in the early 1960s and since then it has constantly up-graded its equipment.

Hard figures may not be that important every time you pull away from the traffic lights, but when it comes to separating the front-runners from the also-rans, there is nothing to beat scientifically-complied data. Independent from the manufacturersí claims, of course.

The tests are done in controlled conditions and include standing-start acceleration, top speed, overtaking acceleration, braking and fuel consumption.

The cars are also assessed for handling traits such as outright grip, feel through the steering wheel, comfort and high-speed stability.

And they are weighed scientifically using computerised scales for each wheel, also giving the carís weight distribution.

In the case of this slalom test at Killarney Raceway near Cape Town, Editor John Wright enjoys himself behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza RS wagon, with Deputy Editor John Bentley providing navigation and encouragement.
Car has always avoided the trap of being over-the-top, but itís remained contemporary for nearly 50 years. The job of keeping things looking fresh has fallen to long-time art director Steve Tronson who joined Car way back in the 1960s as a youngster fresh out of art school.

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