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Toyota RunX 180 RX - skidan test

Broadcast dates : 5th December 2004
9th December 2004

Winning a brand new Toyota RunX 180 RX is a chance not to be missed and remember that ten finalists will be chosen each month.

To whet your appetites for this great prize, Clint took our long-term 180 RX to the skid pan at Wesbank Raceway to put this very competent machine through its paces.

Our star driver also took pleasure in a few quick laps around the short circuit at Wesbank raceway to get a feel for the handling on the RunX.

As a full-time advanced driving instructor when heís not on camera, Clint knows a thing or two about handling, as these reverse one-eighty degree slides show.

Note how the car changes direction with no hint of a tank-slapper. Now thatís precision driving for you.

The skid-pan is the ideal environment to find out a carís basic handling characteristics.

Like all front-wheel-drive cars, this is a basic under-steering car. In other words, when the adhesion limits are reached the front tyres will break traction first.

As Clint demonstrates, itís possible to purposefully induce oversteer on a front-wheel-drive car like the RunX.

In this case he uses the hand-brake to brake the rear wheels only and get the rear wheels sliding out.

All-in-all, a crisp handler and a punchy little performer in one neat package.

Toyota RunX 180 RX
  • Engine: Four-cylinder, 1 794 cc
  • Power: 100 kW @ 6 000 rpm
  • Torque: 171 Nm @ 4 200 rpm
  • Transmission: Five-speed manual, front wheel-drive
  • 0-100 km/h: 9,44 seconds
  • Top speed: 203 km/h
  • Fuel consumption: 9,8 litres/100 km
  • Price: R188 024

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