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Highlights of 2004

Broadcast dates : 12th December 2004
16th December 2004

South Africaís most-watched motoring TV programme left the start-line hard and fast in April this year. And from that moment on the team has had an absolute blast bringing you a feast of motoring morsels.

Now as 2004 winds down into kick-back mode, we thought weíd look back on some of the yearís highlights.

The BMW CSL was the car that kicked off our very first episode on April 11. Clint had a whale of a time with the CSL and he also rated this car as his personal choice for the year. And in fact the lightweight BMW was our viewers favourite as well.
Our retrospective programme on 40 years of Porsche 911 was the most popular show in 2005. Audience ratings peaked for this celebration of excellence back in May. Hendrik had no hesitation in proclaiming the Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet as his top car for 2004.
After driving the Porsche 911, it seemed this avowed fan of Italian fine machinery was moving camp to Germany. Until last week, that is, when Hendrik proudly donned his red shirt to drive two Italian dream machines.
The year wasnít all about soaring rev limits, rubber-shredding pull-offs and racetrack exploits. We also reveled in the more genteel aspects of the motoring experience when we rode shotgun with the Lancia club on the annual Vincenzo Rally.
Our experiences with the Maybach, costing around R4-million made us realise that there is a stratospheric level of motoring luxury that most of us can only dream about.
Time to get back to basics. They donít come much more basic than a Nissan 1400 pick-up. And they donít come much faster either, than Louis Limaís drag strip rendition. How does 750 kiloWatts, and over 260 km/h in 400 metres grab you?
Yes, Car Torque fans are fully into the weird and the wonderful. Like a twin-engined Golf, which the owner decided also needed some assistance from turbocharging and a couple of nitrous oxide bottles.
But David isnít buying all the hoo-hah. His favourite for the year was the Renault Megane Scenic. In fact he liked it so much he went out and bought one!
David isnít fooling us though. How about the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350?
Then there was the topless jaunt in the South of France with Miniís new convertible.
We wonder when an exotic like the 6-and-a-half-litre Le Mans Bentley will find space in the Bullard garage.
BMWís ranked high in our readerís choice list. But on their heels comes the Subaru brigade. Our Subaru special showed some wonderful international rally footage, and the Subaru Rally Chicks getting down and gritty in a manís world.
Kass's personal choice for 2004? It would have to be the BMW 1-Series.

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