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Renault Megane Coupe Convertible 2.0

Broadcast dates : 23rd January 2005
27th January 2005

Renault is noted for its adventurous styling, particularly in the multiple planes and angles of the Meganeís rear end.

Here the design team has done a reasonable job of the retaining the Megane signature on the coupe convertible.

But thereís a bit too much heft to the rear of the car and it looks a little unbalanced when the roof is erected.

Of course the rear end had to be large to contain that glass roof to provide some topless fun. The upside is that it makes the convertible a very practical car, both for daily commuting and family holidays.

The design work on the folding mechanism is impressive indeed. The boot lid flips up from the front, the roof releases from the windscreen, folds in half and descends effortlessly into the boot. No clanking, creaking or frantic whirring of electric motors.
And, yes, like the fabled not-so-attractive duckling, the Megane evolves into an object of grace and beauty.

Renault produces some potent engines these days, but this is one of its more sedate offerings.

Itís a two-litre four-cylinder producing some ninety-eight kiloWatts, profiled more for torque than high revs.

Thereís a hundred-and-ninety-one Newton Metres of torque at 3750 rpm, and fuel economy is a strong point. Consumption is around 10 litres per hundred kilometres overall, and 8 litres per hundred on the open road.

Convertibles are about enjoying the fresh air, the sights and smells of summer. They are also about elegance, and Renault, right now, offers the most stylish interiors of any manufacturer.

Thereís a wonderful harmony to the cockpit, both in terms of ergonomics as well as the tasty textures and colours of the upholstery, the controls and the panels.

At R270 000, the Megane cc two-litre is very well priced, undercutting the Peugeot 307 cc, for instance, by a whopping R60 000.

Small wonder then that Renaultís only problem right now is shipping in enough examples to meet customer demand.

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