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Mazda 5 MPV - Europe launch

Broadcast dates : 27th February 2005
3rd March 2005

Recognize that V-shaped grille? Those sharp-edged rectangular headlights, the purposeful air intakes? Yes, once again itís a Mazda, but one that hasnít yet made it to South Africa.

This is the Mazda 5, a strong entry into the MPV or Multi Purpose Vehicle market. Or, as the marketing boffins have defined it even further, a multi-activity vehicle, presumably because it mixes in a bit of sport with practicality.

The Mazda 5 was developed from the MX-Flexa concept-vehicle shown at Geneva just on a year ago, and features a tapering roof-line not unlike that of the Peugeot 507SW. But itís more MPV than estate-car, with twin sliding doors on the sides.

This is a so-called global vehicle for Mazda, meaning that it will be targeting markets all over the world, specifically Europe and North America.

Like the 3, the Mazda 5 has a very strong exterior personality, very chunky and stoky in overall appearance, strong sharp edges integrating with well-defined wheel-arch blisters and sill-extensions.

And once again, the alloy wheels are tasty, giving an overtly sporty look for this segment of the car market.

Mazda is also very proud of the handling, the car coming with many electronic dynamic helpers, and it has a very tight circle.

The interior is futuristic, very modular in concept, with lots of brushed metal trim. And there is plenty of up-market gadgets such as navigation and a powerful audio package.

The Mazda 5 is rated as a six-plus-one seater. There are three rows of seats, the last two rows accessed through the sliding doors.

The occasional seventh seat folds out between the two central seats, and the seats can all fold away to provide an exceptionally flat loading area.

Engine options are two four-cylinder petrol engines and two turbodiesels, the more powerful one rated at a 107. Transmissions are six-speed manual and automatic.

Will it be coming to South Africa? Maybe, is all that Mazda SA will say!

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