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RPM shoot-out at Tarlton

Broadcast dates : 6th March 2005
10th March 2005

The RPM Shoot-out is a semi-formal drag race meeting for owners of exotic and performance street machinery.

Run at Tarlton Raceway in association with the enthusiast-based Road Magazine, the accent is on stock-standard street-cars, although there were the inevitable few interlopers of the turbo and Noss variety.

The line-up included plenty of BMW M3s and Subarus, some relative racing rarities like a Nissan 350Z, a Honda S2000, and some Audi TTs.

The most exotic car on the strip was undoubtedly the Lamborghini Diablo VT, an all-out supercar, while Mercedes-Benz SL 55s and a brand-new SLK 55 were on hand to keep things classy.

The value of a meeting like this is that the cars are timed in the real world, and in this case at Reef altitude, power-sapping unless a car is turbocharged,

So who were the winners? Well, the Lambo was quickest of all and not surprisingly, clocking a 13,5 second quarter-mile at a 177 kilometres-per-hour.

Next were two Merc SL55s at 13,6 and 13,9 seconds, while the brand new Merc SLK 55 ran a 14,2 second run for fourth quickest.

Next up was a Subaru STi, albeit with some fine tuning by ATL Dyno’s, in the 14,3 bracket, just shading the fastest of the BMW M3s at 14,4 seconds.

Close stuff, wake-up calls for some, and a few surprises from the underdogs.

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