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Silver Cup Racing

Broadcast dates : 13th March 2005
17th March 2005

Silvercup Racing is an ideal entrťe into the bright, brash world of tin-top club racing, so called because unlike open-wheeler cars, these have steel roofs. And in the Gauteng area Silvercup is going from strength to strength.

To the layman thereís nothing fancy about twenty year-old Golfs, Corollas and panel vans. But make no mistake, thereís some serious hardware in Silvercup Racing.

There are various classes within the formula, and these cars represent the top turbo class, middle-of-the road Class C, and the Class D entry-level category designed for novice racers.

Believe it or not, the Turbo panel van is the car to beat, the Corolla is a strong midfielder, and the Golf generally battles it out towards the rear the field.

The tyre rule enables an emphasis on driving talent rather than big budgets. Peter Horne believes the core of Silvercup racing is in Class C for 1800 cc cars.

From the hard-core veterans like Dawie Olivier, to the rookies in the tiddler class, Silvercupís main attraction is that youíll always have someone to play with out on the track. Itís satisfying setting quick lap times on your own, but nothing beats a good dice.
The engine on Andre Olivierís Golf is a thirteen-hundred cc unit that has very few internal modifications. A three-hundred degree racing camshaft allows it to scream a little.

Deep breathing is aided by a pair of gulping forty-four millimeter sidedraught Weber carburetors, a branch manifold and straight-through exhaust.

But if itís horsepower your after, check out Dawieís Turbo panel van!

Dawie Olivierís unlikely-looking Corolla van has twice won the daunting Ceres Hill-climb, beating the likes of Porsche GT2s, Subarus and Lamborghinis.

The average person might conclude that the appearance needs a little work, but to the race fan, there are signs that it has The Right Stuff!

The special pistons fitted to the Toyota Twin Cam motor drop the compression ratio enough to allow serious levels of boost from the turbocharger.
Dawie has also switched from fuel injection to the carburetors in the interests of better flow and simplicity, and he says they are very reliable. Power is in the two-hundred kiloWatts plus region, depending on the boost levels dialed.

Peter Hornís Corolla is an archetypal Silvercup racing machine. The attention to detail on Peterís car is excellent, with the re-fabricated dash, dials, roll cage and seats neatly laid out.

Obviously lots of effort has gone into producing a neat race-car. And he chose the old rear-drive Corolla for good reasons.

The Toyota Twin Cam engine fitted to the original RSi Conquests and Corolla is a legendary unit amongst both drag and circuit racers.
Known as the 4A-GE motor, it can spin to eight-thousand rpm happily, especially with a few tweaks such as Weber carburetion.

This is an ex-Serge Damseaux rally motor, and it also uses Nissan pistons to pump it up to seventeen-hundred cc.

The Silvercup racers agree that running costs are as low as one-thousand Rand per race meeting. And motor racing doesnít come much cheaper than that!!

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