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Peugeot 907 Concept

Broadcast dates : 13th March 2005
17th March 2005

Peugeot says the 907 is the realisation of dreams. Specifically the dreams of passionate designers, stylists and engineers within this French company. With the 907 they were apparently given free reign to express their innermost fantasies.

The result is what Peugeot feels is the quintessential touring carÖ discreet but sculpted elegance, luxurious in terms of cabin fitments, but above all, extremely sports orientated.

The engine will get the Big Boys talking. A six-litre V12 producing three-hundred-and-sixty-eight kiloWatts.

It could almost be described as front-mid-mounted as it fits so far behind the front axle and close to the cockpit.

And there is nothing quite like V12 soul music!

Fantasy there is a plenty in this concept car, but also a strong dose of reality. 
We have remarked before that thereís a strong dose of Italian supercar styling in Peugeotís new production cars.

Enthusiasts who remember the 1958 Ferrari Testarossa will also remember 12 intake trumpets under glass. Apparently Peugeotís designers remember that Italian classic too.

A nod to the past, and hopefully a glimpse into the future. On looks alone, here is a concept car that deserves to go into production.

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