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VW Passat - 2005 Europe launch

Broadcast dates : 3rd April 2005
9th April 2005

The sixth-generation Volkswagen Passat made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show a few weeks ago.

Volkswagen says it spent lots of effort injecting the new car with "emotion and life", and on first viewing the car is quite different from its predecessor.

The new model represents the greatest design progression since the first Passat appeared in the 1970s. It has shed its conservative image, and the shape has an edgy feel to it.

Most intriguing is the new tail light design which is almost Japanese, in the Lexus mould.

And the new nose, with its chromed radiator grille and challenging headlamp treatment, is more purposeful than before.

The silhouette of the car is similarly crisp, to the point where itís no longer recognisably a Passat!
Bi-Xenon headlamps with a cornering function follow the path of the road with a swivel angle of up to fifteen degrees.

In addition, static cornering lights are fitted. These are aligned to 35 degrees from the straight-ahead-position.

Other hi-tech items include adaptive cruise control, which backs off the speed when approaching a vehicle in front.

Engine options range through four petrol and three diesel engines with direct fuel injection, while the DSG gearbox is also offered.

Plush wood trim is available on the top models, and the look is distinctly premium-level. A Blue-tooth telephone interface is available, and other hi-tech comfort features include remote starting and locking, and an electronic parking brake.

High-quality leather, superbly-crafted, has elevated the Passat to a new level, rivaling its stable-mate from the Audi division.

Bigger, wider, more luggage spaceÖ that was the design brief on the new Passat. And the new body is some 57 percent more rigid.

Despite being bigger, new manufacturing techniques have kept the weight down.

In fact at around 1400 kilograms, depending on the model, the new Passat doesnít weight any more than its predecessor.

And this is despite lavish equipment levels and some hi-tech innovations such as brakes with "wipers".

The brake pads are applied lightly at intervals to wipe away water film in the case of rain, thus sharpening response.

It goes without saying that the Passat comes with a full compliment of airbags and other Passive safety devices.

Volkswagen is confident of a five-star N-Cap rating.

Due to go on sale in Europe now, the new Passat is heading for South Africa, but not for some time.

According to Volkswagen South Africa, itíll probably launch here in December this year.

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