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Stuart Turner in South Africa

Broadcast dates : 17th April 2005
23rd April 2005

Stuart Turner is a rallying legend. In the 1960s he headed up the team of Mini Coopers that dominated the Monte Carlo Rally and then moved to Ford, where the Ford Escort, like this restored example, ruled rallying in the next decade.

David tracked him down in Pretoria recently when Stuart made a flying visit to South Africa.

In Stuartís BMC, or British Motor Corporation days, the company entered the MGB in international rallying to back up the Minis. The factory MGBís were modified, but still very much road-going cars.
By the advent of the Ford Escortís reign in the 1970ís, the era of specialisation had begun.

Teams like Subaru, one of the most successful of all in the modern World Rally Championship, build cars specially for different kinds of events.

The big catalyst for change in World Rallying has been television. The advent of on-board cameras and helicopter footage has brought rallying into the living rooms of millions of people.

The weekend enthusiast may now be constricted to competing in club and classic events, but as a spectacle, the adrenaline level has never been higher.


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