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Opel Astra 2.0 GSi Turbo 

Broadcast dates : 1st May 2005
7th May 2005

Low-speed torque is the really impressive aspect of the Opel Astra 2.0 GSi Turbo. But the engine does run out of steam near 6000 revs, so the six-speed gearbox gets a work-out if the driver is in "press-on" mode.

The Opel GSi was the first car to offer computerised active suspension in this class. Itís activated by switching to sport mode and keeps the body really flat through twisty roads. The overall impression is of solidity, with lots of driver feedback.

Another piece of electronic sophistication is the tyre pressure indicator which warns the driver of an impending flat. The trip computer also indicated an overall fuel consumption figure of 12,7 litres per hundred. In fact the GSi is a thirsty car if you play in the turbo boost zone too often.

Overall we developed huge affection for the Astra GSi Turbo during our test, and itís good to see Opel back with a really hot hatch.

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