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Supercar Day at Kyalami 2005 

Broadcast dates : 1st May 2005
7th May 2005

Ferrari… Porsche… Lamborghini…

The arguments about which of these supercars is the ultimate will rage on for as long as there are car enthusiasts

But one thing’s for certain. The sight of over 100 of these thoroughbreds gathered together – preferably at a race track – makes for an impressive spectacle.

The recent Investment Cars Supercar day at Kyalami was probably the best yet in terms of the quality of machinery.

Joining The Big Three were cars like the very specialised Ford GT40 replica, and prize exhibit for the day, the McLaren F1.

This is the only McLaren F1 in South Africa and naturally drew lots of attention, being rated by many as the ultimate supercar with a top speed of over 330 kilometres an hour.

Also attracting lots of attention was the new SL65 from Mercedes-Benz.

The Kyalami race track in Midrand is the top motorsport venue in the country and the scene of many epic duels in both Formula One and international sports car racing.

For many of the supercar owners, the day was a rare opportunity to experience the heritage of Kyalami and the particular demands of such a race circuit.

Ford GT40 Replica

McLaren F1

There is a great difference between driving quickly on the road and exploring a car’s absolute limits on a race track.

The mix of cars and driving ability is quite diverse on a Supercar day, and it all adds to the interest for drivers and spectators.

The unique aspect of the day is that you get Lamborghinis disputing the same piece of track with Porsches and Ferraris.

Off the track there’s a heady mix of glamour and excitement, and with the right connections, it’s even possible to cadge a ride in an exotic car.
The Ultimate track car in terms of sheer speed was arguably the Ferrari F40, owned by Andrea Taurino. The F40 was built in limited numbers from 1988 to commemorate forty years of Ferrari production, ironically the same year that the great Enzo Ferrari died.

It’s still rated as the purest expression of a racing car for the road, and Andre’s car has been up-rated with special turbochargers, suspension and wheels with slick racing rubber.
The most popular Ferraris on Supercar day were the mid-engined examples such as the 348, the F355 and the F360. Porsche 911s in many guises were making rubber burn while the sun shone.

The special attraction of Porsches as fun-day competition cars is that they are such hardy machines.

More than any other supercar, Porsches can take a thrashing at the track, where demands on engines, brakes and tyres are probably ten times higher than in any road situation.

As for driving, it’s all too easy to make a mistake at the limit, and so driver training is a big component of the day.

Cones are placed on the track-side to enable drivers to pick out the correct lines around the track. Instructors are chosen to lead novice groups around the circuit, showing turn-in and apex points at gradually increasing speeds.
Whether a novice or an advanced supercar driver, there is no better feeling than letting rip in a thoroughbred machine. Especially with none of the liabilities of traffic or the impending doom of a massive speeding fine.

It’s not surprising that more and more enthusiasts are taking advantage of this opportunity to let the horses out.

For the owners of these cars and the fans who showed up to watch, the next Supercar day can’t come soon enough!

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