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Saab 2005 Range in Europe 

Broadcast dates : 8th May 2005
14th May 2005

Saab is on the comeback trail in South Africa, now operating under the General Motors banner. And the model line-up for 2005 is an impressive one indeed.

The mainstay line-up in the Saab range is the 9-3, and this is available in both Sport Sedan and convertible versions

The 9-3 has a rather coupe-like profile, and the latest Saabs have shed their oddball appearance to evolve into very striking motorcars.

This is particularly true of the 9-3 Convertible, which now has the looks to go with the turbocharged performance for which Saab is famous.

Overseas the engine range is vast, but the most popular powerplants are the two-litre petrol versions. These are mated to six-speed gearboxes driving through the front wheels.

The two-litre turbo is available in both 110 kiloWatt and 147 kiloWatt versions. The high-powered version offers some very entertaining performance indeed.

The 9-3 Convertible is fitted with automatic pop-up rollbars for passenger protection. This car received a five-star rating in the European NCAP safety test.

The 9-5 is up against some serious heavyweights in the premium car class like the BMW five Series, the Audi A6, the Volvo S80, and The Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
Saab say it offers a more individual alternative to its competitors.

While turbocharged four-cylinder engines are also used in the 9-5, a new V6 turbo engine is in the Saab line-up, which produces a hundred and eighty-four kiloWatts.

All in all, Saab represents an interesting alternative for the executive who wants a car that is strong on performance and character. And with General Motors back-up for the brand in South Africa, we expect Saab to make more than a few ripples in the months ahead.

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