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Mini Cooper S Cabriolet and
Mini John Cooper Works 

Broadcast dates : 15th May 2005
21st May 2005

If you really have to make a hectic start to your workday, there are worse ways than getting it under way in a Mini Cooper S. And especially in one of the two new examples in the range.

BMWs Mini Division has just launched the latest John Cooper Works high-performance version with lots of special bits, including an up-rated supercharger.

The re-worked engine offers a 29 kiloWatt hike in power, and the JCW comes with a full Motorplan at a price.

For those who have already found their place in the sun, theres the Cabriolet, available in standard Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works versions.

The "Works" edition has an oh-so-sexy supercharger whine! As for the classic Mini interior, it matches the cabriolet perfectly.

Summing up a Mini in one word is easy: Fun! Good, clean, unadulterated, old-fashioned, thoroughly-modern fun.

The Cabriolet and the John Cooper Works edition build on that theme, taking the car to new levels of pleasure in different ways.

As for the Cabriolet, the top-chop version is a masterpiece of style, giving the Mini an air of elegance thats in no way contrived or affected.

The Works edition gives a bigger jolt of performance to a car that is already super-Cooper-quick.

The John Cooper Works conversion is available on both the tin-top and the cabriolet versions of the Mini.

At the heart of the conversion is a reworked, faster-spinning supercharger that ups the boost levels in the engine.
The cylinder-head is gas-flowed, injectors are larger, the air-filter is redesigned with a special flap that opens above four-thousand-five-hundred rpm.

And the exhaust system is a free flow unit with a bit more snap, crackle and pop.

The genius of the Mini concept is that is has universal appeal, from the hard-core hotrodder to the boulevard cruiser.

A premium of R40 000 is a big chunk of loot to pay for the JCW version, and for most people the standard Cooper S will be more than enough.

The convertible version, at R34 500 extra over the steel roof car, gives more tangible benefits, in Davids scheme of things.

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