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Volvo design innovations

Broadcast dates : 29th May 2005
4th June 2005

Volvo once had a cast-iron reputation in the performance car arena in South Africa.

But from the 1970s there followed a few decades of solid, stolid cars with a dour emphasis on safety, and this eventually hurt Volvo’s image.

With its latest line-up, performance is once again very much a part of the model-mix, but Volvo has not forgotten its sense of social responsibility.
Hence the latest sporty Concept Car, powered by an electric engine and known as the 3CC.

The emotion extends to the interior of the 3CC with a two-plus-one seating configuration, interesting sunroof architecture and a mix of retro-rally and hi-tech graphic driver information.

With a few deft strokes of a computer mouse, Volvo has shed its fusty-musty image with the 3CC.

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