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Volvo safety innovations

Broadcast dates : 29th May 2005
4th June 2005

Volvo has gone to some lengths to incorporate safety and accommodation innovations in the 3CC. With short body overhangs front and rear, safety is naturally compromised as there is less space to provide energy-absorbing crumple zones.
To compensate for this, Volvo developed a unique sliding seat platform. In the event of a frontal accident, front and rear seats move forward in a controlled, dampened manner.

In this way, the energy from the impact is transferred more gradually to the occupants, lengthening the deceleration in much the same way as a crumple zone in the nose of the car would do.
The two-plus one, or two-plus-two children seat system makes the two-door format a lot more user-friendly.

The system allows front and rear seats to both slide forward so that the rear passengers can more easily access their pews from the single door on each side.

The access system is almost the equivalent to that of a four-door, and minimizes the head intrusion of that sloping rear roofline.

Volvo, along with Mercedes-Benz, has always been considered a leader in the field of safety innovations.
Crash testing is, of course, carried out by every manufacturer around the world today, and things that we take for granted, like seat belts, airbags and side protection beams, are the result of this willful destruction.

Another oft-overlooked safety consideration is that of a comfortable, harmonious, ergonomically correct driving environment.
The SCC of a few years back, also a coupe, was used to explore various configurations of the Active or Adaptive headlight principal, developed by Citroen way back, but now common on premium-level cars.

One innovative function was the special illumination employed at intersections, naturally spreading the beam sideways to detect any vehicles approaching at ninety degrees to the path of travel.

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