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MG's old and new

Broadcast dates : 12th June 2005
18th June 2005

Talk sports cars and soon youíll talk MGs. This famous name is over seventy years old, and being linked to Morris cars, most people reckon MG stands for Morris Garage. But South African MG expert Norman Ewing reckons has a different take on the nameís origins.

The latest MG TF introduced a whole new generation to classic sports car motoring. And talking of classics, Roger Pearceís MG TD is the only one of its type fitted with a six-cylinder engine.

Rogerís car is controversial in MG car club circles. He converted a standard 1950s MG TD into a six-cylinder special, which some people feel is sacrilege. Others feel this is the car the factory at Abingdon in England should have built themselves.

Purists will concede that every part on the car is of MG heritage. The wider wheels, for instance, are from a later MG C, and give the car a pre-war look.

The Australian six-cylinder BMC engine was based on the old B-Series four-cylinder, with two extra cylinders grafted on.
The pushrod unit displaces 2,4 litres and in standard form is good for 90 horsepower.

With some Pearce personal training, including triple SU carbs, a hot cam and bigger valves, itís pushing one-thirty horses right now.

MG is going through a rough time right now, with the parent company in England currently under liquidation.

But diehards like Roger Pearce and Norman Ewing view this as a mere blip on MGís radar screen.

MG has been through countless takeovers over the decades, they point out, and each time, with such a strong brand, the cars have simply got better!

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