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Supercar collector Farouk Dangor 

Broadcast dates : 10th July 2005
16th July 2005

For your ultimate car collection you may want to include a four-wheel-drive rally hatch, a hoodlum-racer par excellence, the pride of German sports car engineering, and every school boyís dream, a Ferrari 360 Modena. Welcome to Klerksdorp and Farouk Dangorís personal choice.

And what better place to exercise your Escort Cosworth, Skyline GTR, 911 GT3 and Ferrari 360 than the local airfield!

Speed is obviously in Faroukís blood. But why does one man need so many supercars?

The Ford Escort Cosworth RS may not be Faroukís most valuable car, but itís one of his most-prized possessions. Imported from England, itís worth over R500 000.

Believe it or not, itís also one of the fastest cars in Faroukís collection. These Cozzies enjoyed the dubious accolade of being the most likely to be stolen cars in England in the 1990s because of their quickness.
And this one has go-faster buttons on the steering wheel which make it an even more effective getaway car. Those steering wheel buttons activate the nitrous oxide kit to augment the potent two-litre turbo engine. And this is a specially-prepped Cosworth engine by BBR Racing in England.

Farouk says it makes 300 kiloWatts, thanks to a T3/T4 hybrid turbo, special cams and a Group-A cylinder head. And thatís before a full dose of Nitrous is squirted in.

The Nissan Skyline GTR is the ultimate exhibitionist machine. Its upright coupe bodywork belies an ability that places it right up there with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari, both in terms of handling and power.

And all these go-faster bits like wings and airdams are backed up by one of the best four-wheel-drive systems in the world.
It also has a four-wheel-steering system, although the rear wheels only counter-steer slightly to aid traction in fast cornering. Braking is by Brembo, generally acknowledged as the best system in the world.

There is nothing subtle about the GTR, yet surprisingly its sub  5second 0-100, and 260 kilometres per hour performance comes from a very basic straight-six, 2,6 litre, twin-turbo engine.

The Porsche GT3 is all about grace and understatement. But like the other cars in Faroukís collection, this is one very special model.

It looks very much like a basic 911, but the GT3 was designed for the ultimate enthusiast and weekend club racer.

This is the 2005-spec model and is distinguished by a re-designed rear wing, new front and rear bumpers and re-shaped side skirts.

Inside it has bare-bones racing bucket seats with slots for racing harness seat belts. The naturally-aspirated engine produces turbo-level power of around 300 kilowatts.

Many enthusiasts rate the Ferrari 360 Modena as the best ever in terms of its ability to be used on a daily basis.

And yet it has the looks of a true exotic, from its sand-shark nose to its truncated rear end.

The naturally aspirated 3,6 litre V8 engine is a joy to behold, and even better to hear. Especially with this factory-approved competition exhaust system.
Faroukís 360 Modena is fitted with the optional paddle shift F1 transmission. Earlier Modena models suffered from a jerky gearchange but this system is close to perfection Ė the changes are very fast and very smooth.

Finely-stitched, ventilated leather upholstery has been a Ferrari trademark since the 308 model.

Of course, when driving a Ferrari hard you need to know what you are doing. Farouk Dangor was one of South Africaís top Touring Car racing drivers in the 1990s, and he also competed overseas for South Africa in Germany.

So which car was fastest through the speed trap? Amazingly, the Nissan Skyline GTR recorded 243 kilometres per hour over a kilometer, followed by the Porsche at 240 and the Ferrari at 232 kilometres per hour.

Thatís one for the books. Oh, and the Escort retired injured after Farouk was a bit too enthusiastic with that Nitrous bottle.

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