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Frankfurt Motor Show 2005
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Broadcast dates : 9th October 2005
15th October 2005

BMW also kept its nose clean with the Efficient Dynamic active hybrid, an X3-based petrol-electro hybrid that provides 6 second 0-100 acceleration and a top speed of 235 kilometres-per-hour!
The most dramatic car had to be the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Launched in Europe to coincide with the show, the new big Merc has a rather modular styling that isn’t as pretty as the previous S-Class. Nevertheless it has safety innovations that will keep it ahead of the techno pack and engines ranging from a 173 kilowatts to an astounding 380 kiloWatts.
Volkswagen’s Jetta has just been launched in Germany, and it’s much more than a Golf with a boot tacked on. It comes with various engine options in petrol and diesel, and offers plenty of space and a very composed ride as well as a large boot.
The VW Eos cabriolet sees Volkswagen enter the coupe-cabriolet arena in a big way with this very attractive four-seater.
And for those who can never get enough –power that is – there’s the latest Golf 5-based R32, the king kong performance version development of the Golf GTi
Opel came out swinging with its GTC Antara cross-over concept vehicle, to demonstrate how sporty an SUV can be. The engine is a 160 kiloWatt twin-turbo diesel for vivid performance.
And zoom-zooming up the road was the Mazda Sassou, a coupe concept that shows there is plenty of exciting styling to come from a revitalized Mazda in the years ahead.

All in all, a great show from Germany’s business capital city.

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