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Ultimate Streetcar Challenge 2005

Broadcast dates : 16th October 2005
22nd October 2005

The beauty of the Ultimate Street Car Challenge is that it throws together all sorts of super-quick machinery in one big melting pot.

From exotics like the latest Lotuses and Porsches through various monster Cobra kit cars, to banged up BMWs and bakkies with giant turbos, it’s a free-for-all with only one watchdog. And that’s the stop-watch.

Run on a bi-annual basis at Wesbank Raceway, the Ultimate Street Car Challenge is held over two days and comprises various disciplines.

They include drag racing, a gymkhana, and super-special stage that pits cars against each other on converging loops around the race track.

BMWs are big favourites amongst competitors and fans alike. Being rear-wheel-drive with symphonic six-cylinder engines, they provide two essential ingredients – sideways action and high-revving audio.

The turbocharged street cars did well on the four-hundred metre sprint, but were a bit of a handful on the tight gymkhana – this is where cars like the Honda S2000 and Nissan 350 Z come into their own.

From street-car-challenge king Stuart Kidgell’s twin turbo Ultima to the invariable Cobras and Subarus, the fun of the Challenge is seeing such different cars mixing it up together.

The values of the cars range from about R50 000 for a beefed up banger, to a couple of million rand for cars like Andre Bezuidenhout’s Porsche GT2 and Jaime Vilela’s Mercedes CLK DTM – a car we featured on the show a few months back.

As a paraplegic driver, Jaime’s skill in the Merc was highly applauded around the tricky gymkhana course. But Merc’s aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The winner was once again Stuart Kidgell in his Ultima, followed by Andre Bezuidenthout in the GT2 and Sav Gualtieri in his turbo Beemer.

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