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Mini Concept car - Frankfurt 2005

Broadcast dates : 6th November 2005
12th November 2005

The main idea of the Mini Concept at Frankfurt was to combine the tradition of the original Mini Traveller with a sleek, semi-coupe appearance.

But a key design factor was also easy entry and loading.

This is why the doors have parallelogram hinges. 

They swivel outwards and to the front in one easy movement to give a wide opening.

The sliding windows are a nod to the original Mini station wagon. 

But with a pillarless configuration these are electrically operated.

The luggage compartment features a glass-topped load box lid, or "butler tray".

The glass and hi-tech theme is carried through to the interior with many components employing a "floating element" idea, with leather, chrome and aluminium as the main trim choices.

The floating element theme also extends to a futuristic swivel instrument pod, that some how still looks traditional-Mini.

A cool feature on the concept Mini is that the air vent surrounds fold down to form cup holders definitely worthy of a 10 star Hendrik rating in this vital design area!!!

The air conditioning keeps the drinks cool in summer and the heater keeps coffee warm in winter.

The entire cockpit has a floaty, surreal feel to it.
There are various innovative fold-down options for the load area, while the load cover also folds up to separate the rear seat area from the luggage compartment. Handy for stashing your compost in this station wagon!

When all is said and done, this could be a Mini with an ingredient that has always been lacking rear legroom!

We wonder how many gizmos the production Traveller will have when it finally arrives.

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