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Mercedes-Benz CLK 350

Broadcast dates : 20th November 2005
26th November 2005

There are so many Mercedes-Benz models on the market that it's hard to keep track of them. With so many already available, the question has to be asked - why yet another luxury Merc? The answer that Mercedes-Benz management seems to have given to that question is the old chestnut Ė "because we can."

The Merc new-model proliferation may well slow down, however, with a big shake-up in top management in Germany recently.

But no-one is arguing with the fact that Mercedes-Benz has built some stunning-looking cars in recent years. This machine epitomizes high-style and with its new 3,5 litre V6 engine, itís an enticing package.

The CLK coupe is one of the most elegant models in the entire Mercedes catalogue, and it does fill a niche.

Not only do Mercedes cars look great now, but they sound great, with a much more soulful exhaust note than in earlier years.

Davidís predilection for what he terms "waft-ability" is well-catered for in the C-Class-based Coupe. It has typical Merc ride control which just seems to get more impressive with each ensuing model.

Some enthusiasts criticize the light steering, but Car Torque feels itís well-suited to a cruiser like this.

The V6 engine fitted to the CLK gives a Sunday punch of 200 kiloWatts. So when called upon, this car has some serious get-up-and-go.

This new generation V6 has an indefinable charisma that was somehow lacking in the previous V6.

So, in the engineering department, as well as in looks, Mercedes-Benz truly has transformed itself into an enthusiasts company over the past decade.

And yes, for enthusiasts who like to peer under the bonnet, lots of effort has been spent making the engine look good too.

Looking good comes naturally to the snug coupe cabin, dripping with leather, polished metal trim, and contoured bucket seats that make it a distinct four-seater.

Yes, the CLK makes you feel special, and probably thatís its reason for being.

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