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VW Golf R32

Broadcast dates : 8th January 2006
14th January 2006

Whatís that tell-tale engine note? Has the classic VR6 Golf been reincarnated? The answer is yes, in the form of the fifth-generation Golf and the all new R32 model.

V6 power is back with a soulful sound in the R32, which is based on a two-door version of the Golf GTi. But on the R32 there are some very special styling cues.

Badges, headlights, grilles and spoilers have all been subtly re-jigged, for what promises to be the most exciting and fastest Golf yet.

And those multi-spoke alloy rims look almost edible in eighteen-inch sizing.

Itís the VR6ís engine thatís going to do it for most enthusiasts.

A naturally-aspirated V6 looks and sounds like a proper performance mill, with so much more charisma than a turbo four.

This is the same basic engine used in the Audi TT three-comma-two, and develops a hundred and eighty-four kiloWatts and three-hundred and twenty Newton Metres of torque.

And, yes it has had some special acoustic tuning!

Inside itís a basic GTi with special effects. These include some very beautiful leather-covered racing bucket seats.
The R32 is available with the famous Audi-VW twin-clutch transmission, known as the DSG system. It can be operated with paddle shift or central, sequential gear lever.

The DSG is generally regarded as the best of the no-clutch-pedal manual transmissions. In addition, the R32 is equipped with four-Motion all-wheel-drive.

Other interior touches include some special instrumentation, including a speedo that reads to three-hundred kilometres-per-hour!

How fast? 0-100 in 6,2 seconds and a 250 top-end.

Is it coming to South Africa? Yes, in mid-2006.

How much? Youíll have to wait but at the moment it sells for around R270000 Rand in Europe. So expect a price in the R300000 plus range when it gets here.

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