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Renault Egeus Concept Car

Broadcast dates : 22nd January 2006
28th January 2006

Itís rather odd that Renault has largely avoided the SUV end of the market. Perhaps nowadays thatís well covered by its Japanese partner Nissan, but for a land that gave birth to the Dakar Rally, youíd think Renault would have at least a couple of hard-core off-roaders in its line-up.

Hard core doesnít really spring to mind when drawing a deep breath and assimilating the Egeus concept vehicle.

But an SUV of sorts Renault assures us it is. Although they do concede itís an SUV "with saloon car styling".

This car is bristling with all sorts of interesting features like LED headlights that light up according to steering wheel angle.

It also has a pretty rugged powerplant specified for all the visual finery, a 210 kiloWatt turbodiesel V6.

And thereís all-wheel-drive with torque transfer capabilities of 100 per cent to 0 per cent for each wheel, so getting stuck shouldnít be a problem despite those glitzy 22 inch bling-baby wheels.

Inside what looks like a dash-mounted compass seems a bit of an afterthought in this day of GPS systems to guide you absolutely anywhere. But the 360 degree swivel seats are neat.
The loading shelf that extends is also a handy item that should be finding its way onto production vehicles soon, and as for the pillarless door closure, it seems great for getting in and out. But we arenít so sure what it would do for body rigidity on the road to Morocco.

Still if styleís your bag, this oneís for you. Perfect for cruising the Champs Elysees after hours.

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