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Peter Lindenberg

Broadcast dates : 5th February 2006
11th February 2006

Just a few short years ago the Wesbank Raceway was merely a dream for a few motorsport enthusiasts. In 2002, Peter Lindenberg, multiple power boat and race car champion, his partner Jan Johnson and Port Elizabeth car constructor Jimmy Price stumbled upon an unlikely venue. 

An old horseracing course in Germiston. It seemed a logical progression, from horse racing to horsepower.

Peter is one of the most successful motor sportsmen in the country, chiefly because he has always approached his racing as a business. 

He dominated powerboat racing for over a decade in this country and came close to winning world titles on water too. But, ironically, racing cars were always his first love.

Despite only starting in his 30s, Peter Lindenberg went on to win South African championships in Wesbank V8s and the V8 big banger class, which he helped to establish.
Known as SASCAR, these cars are seen as South African versions of the famous NASCAR stockers raced in America.

Racing various cars in various classes takes a major effort and Peter employs a full time crew led by Remia Brynhard to prepare his racecars. But his heart lies with the classic racers of his youth, back in the late ‘60s and early 1970s.

The 60s and 70s were undoubtedly the golden years of motorsport in South Africa. And a marque that was beloved of all hard-core enthusiasts was Chevron, an English specialist racing car manufacturer.

In the golden years top South African teams were able to import the latest up-to date machinery to compete in the South African driver’s championship, like this Chevron B25, imported by Team Gunston for Ian Scheckter, brother of 1979 World F1 champion Jody Scheckter.

The Formula Two Chevron B25 forms part of a classic racing car co-operative established by Pretoria enthusiast Anthony Corin and Peter to preserve South Africa’s motorsport heritage.
Not only did South Africa have its own championship for pucker Formula One and Formula Two cars, but between 1962 and 1973 it hosted the famous Nine Hour Endurance race which drew the like of Ferrari and Porsche works teams to Kyalami each November.
The Chevron B19 was a two-litre sports car that became a giant killer, thanks to amazing handling.

In fact this particular Chevron qualified in third position for the 1971 Nine Hour, behind two factory 3 litre Ferraris and ahead of a number of 4,5 litre Porsche 917 and 5 litre Lolas.

The engine initially used on this car was a highly-modified Chevrolet Vega engine.

Later Chevron reverted to the more familiar Ford BDG two-litre engine, a state of the art four-cylinder motor that was legendary for its ability to rev beyond 9 000 revs and produce close to three hundred horsepower.

Not as famous internationally, but even more iconic in South Africa was this big brute, the very first V8 Capri Perana.

This racing machine was built for the famous Bobby Olthoff. The car was so mighty that road-going Capri owners began painting their cars in Gunston Orange. 

And builder Basil Green made a series of road-going Capri Peranas to capitalize on the success. 

The car ended up racing oval tracks in Namibia before being discovered and brought back home. Peter has owned the car for the past 17 years and the restoration is fantastic.

Two litres of European finery and five-litres of American muscle, just waiting to explode into action.

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