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Volkswagen EOS

Broadcast dates : 12th February 2006
18th February 2006

Just 18 months ago, Volkswagen’s Eos was a concept car with a unique five-section steel convertible roof.

In a few months time it makes its worldwide production debut. And lucky South Africans will probably see the first right-hand version debut at Auto Africa towards the end of this year.

It’s not the first four-seater coupe cabriolet. But it’s very upright windscreen makes it the first modern four-seater coupe convertible with a sliding metal roof mechanism that makes it a very useable four seater.

We say first modern four-seater because soon we’ll be bringing you a fifty-year old car with a similar mechanism. 

Volkswagens idea is that the upright windscreen frame leaves nothing above the driver but clear skies, rather than an intrusive windscreen frame.

The interior features some unique fabrics that give it a special look.

And a standard rollover bar erects within a quarter of a second to protect occupants if the car up ends itself.

In the fun department, engines range from a modest 85 kilowatt four-cylinder to a potent 184 kiloWatt six-cylinder unit.
With DSG transmission, this top model rockets the beautiful coupe convertible to 100 km/h in 7,3 seconds and tops out at 248 km/h.

All models are front-wheel-drive with six gears.

As for the evocative name, Eos derives from the Greek Goddess of Sunrise. Appropriate for a car that values God’s own light beams so highly.

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