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Castrol Xtreme makeover - part 1
Nissan 350Z

Broadcast date : 26th March 2006

Top of the must-modify list right now, and as Japanese as sumo wrestling, is the Nissan 350Z.

NxGen are big-time proponents of the not-so-gentle art of automotive modification, also known as tuning.

This out-the-box Nissan, no k's-on-the-clock, was due for a fairly mild makeover in the go harder and faster department.

NxGen limited the trickery to some HKS breathing apparatus, and suspension bits n pieces from the same Japanese company. Out with the not-so-old, in with the even-newer. 

Not to mention a serious dose of decibel enhancement both up front ‘neath the hood and out the pipes in the tail.

NxGen mechanic Moses Motetsoe and Pieter de Kock found the purpose-made HKS gazoom pipe a cinch to fit.

The new exhaust is polished stainless steel, which HKS calls its Legamax model. Great for longevity, better for looks, even better for exhaust note and a 5 kilowatt increase in performance.

Fitting one of these to your car is like giving it a birthday present, even though this particular Nissan Zee is brand, spanking new.

While the Nissan was up on the hoist, the NXGen dudes decided they might as well take the opportunity to fit the HKS suspension to this baby, as they just happened to have a kit lying around in stock.

This consists of a full coil-over-damper set up, for all four corners of the car.

Known as the HKS Hipermax 2 - don’t ask us why, maybe it makes you even more hyper than you normally are – the coil-overs come with adjustable spring collars.

This system allows you to set the ride height of each wheel, just like the racer types do at Kyalami or Killarney.

Changing the springs on your car falls under the "Don’t try this at home" category, by the way.

You need special clamps to compress the springs before you remove them, and ones that won’t suddenly snap loose. Or you could have a couple of loose teeth to go with your proud owner’s smile, and this is no joke!

Once back on the workshop floor, it was time to fit the final piece to the dynamic puzzle - the HKS mushroom filter, high-flow intake system, complete with tasty stainless steel ducting.

Hmmm Hmmm, looking good, and it’ll sound on the deep-throat side of the spectrum. A serious sucking noise is what the boys are after.

Just to be on the safe side, NXGen fabricated a special stainless heat-shield to keep intake temperatures cool.

The reason the NxGenners are slaving away so feverishly on this brand new Nissan is that this car is a prize to be won at the Castrol Xtreme Auto Show, to be held at the Coca Cola Dome in Randburg between April the 27th and May the 1st.

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