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Castrol Xtreme makeover - part 2
Nissan 350Z

Broadcast date : 2nd April 2006

It’s time for Part Two of the Castrol Xtreme Auto Makeover. With engine and suspension fresh from last week’s NxGen massage, the Nissan 350Z dropped in for some Sound Advice from Executive Audio in Four Ways, Randburg.

These high-end components along with Executive Audio expertise turned the 350Z into a mobile music box.

At an early stage, it was decided to keep all the Rockford Fosgate replacement components to the same sizings as used in the factory Nissan sound installation.
However, the plan devised by Mark and his team would involve some major remodeling of the interior.

This would include the removal of original Nissan interior fittings such as consoles and seat and door panels, and manufacturing custom-built consoles and housings to mount the new audio and navigation goodies.

A professional sound makeover like this requires a mixture of planning, design creativity, manufacturing expertise in the areas of factory-standard mouldings, and top quality installation workmanship.

One small slip of an electric screwdriver can mean thousands of Rands worth of delicate componentry consigned to the scrap heap.

And a gaudy, out-of-synch concept can mean an instant reduction in car resale value, not something that’s recommended on something as special as a Nissan 350Z.

At the heart of the install, as the sound people like to say, undertaken with precision by Ebrahim Patel, is the Rockford P252 amplifier.

This classy-looking item delivers 125 Watts per channel for a total of 250 Watts measured using the Root Mean Squared or RMS industry standard.

The special carbon-look housing uses imported cloth to achieve this unique effect.

The entire front console was remanufactured to house the RFX9320R with MP3, RDS and front-loading CD capability. All the controls are housed in the left-hand side knob for ease of operation.

The Sat-Nav system is an Audiovox NPC5400, and comes with remote control.

The impressive console was made of fiberglass and plastic, and sprayed to match the 350Z’s exterior colour to lighten up the interior.

As for speakers, the install used Rockford P162’s in the doors, and in the boot a Rockford Fosgate Punch sub-woofer was loving laid in, once again in a special housing.

This sub is the P210S4 model, employing a single voice coil. Mark O’Donoghue felt that the small cabin volume of the 350Z would make a dual voice-coil woofer superfluous, with sound quality and balance being the prime objective.

A quality sound installation for a quality car. Don’t forget that the Castrol Xtreme Auto Makeover Nissan 350Z is the prize in a competition running between now and October.

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