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Mazda Sassou concept car

Broadcast date : 9th April 2006

Motor manufacturer Mazda has come up with a very innovative concept hatchback, for young people. Itís name, despite being spelled somewhat differently, rhymes with aah so.

The name means having a positive state of mind, looking ahead to the future with optimism, the kind of feeling you get after an ahh-hah experience.

Aah so. Sassou.

The Mazda Sassou is a fun city car, or it will be if the Japanese company ever produces it.

This concept version is powered by a 1 litre 3 cylinder, turbocharged engine.

Shades of Smart car, and from an earlier era, Daihatsuís Charade.

Like the Smart, the Sassou has a happy face. But unlike the Smart, it has a sporty profile.

Its wheels are big in proportion to its body, and its headlight and taillight technology is concealed LED, or light-emitting diodes.

The big talking point about the Sassou is that it uses a USB memory stick instead of a key to get things booted up inside the cabin.

Thereís an interface port to activate the hard drive, which controls all sorts of interior and mechanical functions.

A mouse-like control helps you select functions like air-conditioning, navigation, and audio.

And yes, the transmission uses paddle shifting sequential controls, so thereís no clutch pedal.

The seats are almost paper-thin, giving the interior a feeling of space and freedom, despite the fact that the Sassou is an itzy bitzy car.

And to fold the rear seats flat, a compressed air system is used, so you donít have to strain all those muscles youíve been honing to perfection in the gym.

The Sassou has a glass roof to let in plenty of light.

The exterior employs something called the Shoji principle. 

Shoji screens are thin Japanese doors made of rice paper, to almost conceal whatís within.

In this case, the LED headlights and tail lamps are semi-concealed by a thin plastic shield, only coming to life and light when needed.

The big wheels makes the Sassou look well planted on the road. And the twin exhausts hint at power, even though a one-litre turbo is not calculated to give you whiplash.

Itís all about Mazdaís Zoom Zoom philosophy, with cars like the RX8 and MX5 carrying this slogan into reality.

Hopefully, cars like the Sassou will zoom Mazda into small car excitement in the not too distant future.

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