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Castrol Xtreme makeover - part 3
Nissan 350Z

Broadcast date : 16th April 2006

If youíve got it, flaunt it. Thatís the philosophy behind the optical tuning division of the car makeover industry.

And one of the companyís renowned for its high-quality optical add-ons is Sportech of Modderfontein, near Johannesburg.

As viewers of the two previous episodes of Car Torque will know, the Castrol Xtreme Makeover 350Z already had performance, suspension and audio hardware by the time it arrived at Sportech.

And for the Makeover car, the Castrol Xtreme Auto people had ordered a very special body kit, shipped in by Import Parts. The idea was to make this 350Z unique. One-of-a-kind.

Nose job, deep side skirts, a nip Ďn tuck at the rear, a more pronounced wing, topped off by some under-bonnet detailing

Itís a time-honored visual makeover that works. The trick is to do it properly.

The JP USA nose was very carefully prepared with spray filler and soft primer before being painted with blended Standox paint to match the body.

The same process was applied to the much more radical JP USA wing and deeper bumper-diffuser combo, as well as the side skirts.

And rounding the kit off was a set of Fulda alloy rims widened by Hi-Tech Mag Repairs, and detailed with dark spoke interiors and polished outer rims

The Xtreme Makover 350Z received some NXGen performance treatment a few weeks back. But to add a final touch of personalization, Sportech fitted a carbon-fibre suspension brace Ė an extravagance to be sure, but all calculated to increase pride of ownership.

The same applies to the carbon fibre vanity plate fitted ahead of the radiator. As for the fitment of the special wheels, it was up to the Melrose branch of Tiger Wheel and Tyre to re-enact an Imola-style pit stop.

The TSW Fulda wheels measure 20 inches in diameter, and are widened to 9,5 J at the rear and 9 J at the front.

The tyres are low profile Exeleros. These tyres are all about the ultimate in grip, with ride-quality a secondary consideration. Oh yes, and they look the part.

With adjustable HKS suspension fitted, clearance for the tyres and the deep nose spoiler was not a problem.

As for the overall effect, the Castrol Xtreme crew were more than happy. But what does an expensive makeover do to an expensive carís resale value?

Yes, pride of ownership is what the Castrol Xtreme Auto Makeover is all about.

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