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Peugeot 407 Coupe

Broadcast date : 28th May 2006

Suddenly that Ferrari-esque front-end makes sense in the Peugeot 407, balanced as it is with the flowing coupe tail. But the 407 Coop is likely to be admired just as much for its mechanicals as it is for its looks.

While the three-litre petrol V6 continues as an option in this svelte beauty, our test machine came with the new 2,7 litre turbodiesel. And what an impressive powerplant it is.

It produces a 150 kilowatts and 440 Newton metres at 1900 revs. And at anything above idle speed, when there is some giveaway combustion clatter, it sounds pretty much like any other highly-evolved six-cylinder engine.

The 407 HDI Coupe is available only with an automatic transmission. While there’s a touch of turbo lag on pull-off, both David enjoyed the smooth refinement of the package.

The 407 Coupe is a fairly rigid ride. The suspension can be firmed up even more when the Sport button is pushed on the console, which also sharpens up throttle and gear-change responses.

Amanda, like most other people, felt the 407 Coupe is a knock-out in the looks department. We had plenty of positive comments during Car Torque’s week with the new Peugeot, and we felt that the engine performance was on par with the appearance, given that it’s a diesel.

That long nose overhang still needs care in parking-lots and when negotiating sharp road-elevation changes.

By and large, the Peugeot comes with an interior to match its cruiser looks. Rather surprisingly there are no steering-wheel-mounted buttons for functions like cruise-control, gear-shifting and audio, but it does have satellite navigation, park-sensors and easy-to-use climate-control.

The cabin has a pleasing mix of traditional analogue and digital instrumentation, and the memory-programmable front-seats make access to the rear a painless operation. All in all, a well-rounded package.

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