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Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Black Series

Broadcast date : 1st October 2006

Why the Black Series name tag, we’re not quite sure. We commented earlier this year that the SLK 55 AMG was, finally, a worthy competitor from Mercedes-Benz to Porsche’s 911, and it seems as if someone at AMG has taken this to heart.

The biggest change to the Black Series is one that’s not immediately visible. The famed SLK variable fold-down roof has been replaced with a fixed hard top, but made of carbon fibre, not steel.

The fenders on the Black Series have been widened to accept bigger wheels and given extra ducting, and they’re not made of steel, but reinforced plastic.

With the Black Series, you’re not getting just another body-kitted model with extra scoops and bigger wheels. The entire car follows the very special build of the pace car that leads F1 cars around the circuit when some lunatic scatters debris all over the tarmac.

These include special racing seats, beautifully trimmed in leather, and plenty of carbon trim.

The engine has been breathed upon too. The naturally-aspirated V8 boasts deep-throat induction, revised cam settings and hand-built exhaust headers with large diameter exhaust tubing. The result is 294 kiloWatts.

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