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Women's Torque

Broadcast date : 8th October 2006

There’s nothing quite like the race track on a spring evening. 

The Sound of highly tuned engines, blasting out power to make your hair stand on end. 

The smells of burnt rubber and hot oil, wafting over the tarmac. The sounds of tyres squealing. And the sounds of…..
women giggling?

Yes, this was a race meeting with a difference, when women drag racers burnt up the strip at Wesbank Raceway, showing they hold nothing back when it comes to dumping a clutch or running hard into the redline.

Of course, there was the inevitable male show-off, trying to take centre-stage. 

But never mind girls, we’ll just ignore him

The lady racers ranged from the casual who just happened to drop by for a quick drag, to the serious.

As the ladies warmed up, they were keen to impress their men-folk. 

Take them for a ride, so-to-speak. Come on, guys, relax!

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