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Nissan QuashQui

Broadcast date : 12th November 2006

So this is the Nissan QuashQui. Just your average catalyst for change, for shifting… the boundaries… between car and SUV.

The thing is, the boundaries have already been blurred. In fact they were blurred ever since the first SUVs were called by that name. Now they’re just becoming big, comfortable cars.

The name comes from a nomadic desert tribe. Nissan says its QuashQui is an urban nomad. Okay… !?

What we say is cut to the chase, fellahs. This is an enlarged hatchback, with front-wheel-drive, slightly raised ground-clearance, and a striking good-looking body.

It was done badly by Rover with its Streetwise, but this looks like a good rendition of a logical progression.

From SUVs with four-wheel-drive, which nobody needed, to SUVs with two-wheel-drive, which save fuel.

Ideal for a fairly sophisticated country with roads that need some work.

Should go down well in South Africa.

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