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Mazda Senku Concept Car

Broadcast date : 7th January 2007

I told the dudes down at the zoom-zoom garage that maybe they should pimp my ride. It started out as a Mazda, but I guess you KNEW that.

Thereís just one question I have for the Zoom Zoom brothers. Like, how do I get in-SIDE my car now, Man, hey Bro? Oh. Oh yeah.

Check out that dash. And those bordello-cum-Battlestar Galactica seats.

What blows me away is the funny writing they put on the window. I think itís Japanese for hot.

As for that Senku sign, I think itís something to do with Sushi. When it comes to zoom zoom, the Senku walks the talk.

A rotary engine and an electric engine and solar power assist. Now I can go fast and help save the environment.

So, brothers and sisters, consider my ride well and truly pimped. Whatever that means.

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