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Subaru Tribeca

Broadcast date : 21st January 2007

A pucker SUV it is, then, no doubt about that. Check out the high-roof line, the massive flanks, and, uuh, get a load of that nose! And a plush interior, indicating that they’re upping their in-cabin game.

Rather reminiscent of a Lexus RX350, we feel, with that drop down, tapering console. There’s been a definite move towards designing interesting looking dials and knobs, stylised gear-lever knobs and the like, and the plastic textures are also moving in an up-market direction.

A big motorcar, for sure, but Subaru hasn’t lost its touch in the ride and handling department.

And as we’ve come to expect, extremely competent when the going gets rougher. However, there’s no low-range fitted, which is perhaps a bit of a pity, and no air-suspension for adjustable ride height.

Which means that traction on farm roads is going to be good. We hesitate to call this a soft-roader, because presumably it’s as good as its Forrester and Outback siblings. A full test in the future will reveal all.

The normally-aspirated 3-litre flat-six delivers 180 kiloWatts, and just under 300 Newton metres of torque at 4200 rpm. Performance is solid, without being startling.

That nose is, definitely, without any doubts, a nose, surrounded by a happy smile, which Lightning McQueen would probably appreciate.

What has always given Subarus their edge is that they are different. After a tiny taste of Tribeca, the question is, will this be just another SUV?

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