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Mazda3 MPS coming soon

Broadcast date : 18th February 2007

Yes Mazda has a performance image enhancement package, set to reach South African shores around August.

The Mazda3 MPS uses the same 191 kilowatt powerplant found in the MPS performance sedan, but there’s one crucial difference.

All those horses in the hatch have to find their way earthward through the front wheels only.

Apparently Mazda has come up with some fiendishly clever front suspension technology to contain torque steer on the car, which will weigh in as the fastest hot-hatch of all.

Overseas reports say the Golf R32, Opel OPC, and Ford Focus ST are all humbled by this car’s Sunday punch.

0-100 is said to be 6,1 seconds, the top speed is 250, and as for the handling, we expect it to be… entertaining.

With 380 Newton metres threatening to turn the front axles into koeksusters, the ride is set to be wild at times.

Now THIS is an image-builder for Mazda!

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