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Broadcast dates :     8th August 2004 at 16h00

12th August 2004 at 22h30

Jaguar S-Type R
The Jaguar S-Type R is like no other luxury performance car. It manages to retain its old-world English charm, while providing a totally captivating driving experience that, in its way, is right up there with top performance models from the likes of

Jaguar Racing History
Think of Jaguar in racing today and you might think of rather middling success in Formula One. But for real Jaguar fans, of real Jaguars, there’s only one race that matters, and that is Le Mans ...more

Fiat Punto
The Punto is the latest in a rather fierce model offensive from Fiat Auto SA in the past 18 months. Following on the quirky Multipla MPV and the stylish Stilo Performance hatch, the Punto is a smaller city car ...more

The Tuners
A good question to ask when reviewing a subject like Engine modifiers, or Tuners, as they have come to be known is: Why? Why fiddle around with the inner workings of an engine that has had hundreds of hours development work behind it ...more

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