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Broadcast dates :     15th August 2004 at 16h00

19th August 2004 at 22h30

BMW M5 V10
Production of the BMW M5 gets underway this month at the companys Motorsport division in Munich, Germany. And many enthusiasts believe this fourth-generation M5 will be the most spectacular car yet to carry the famous "M" badge

BMW 1 Series
In a few weeks time, one of the most interesting light cars will make its appearance on the South African market. This is BMWs new 1 Series, a five-door hatchback that is completely different from any other hatch on the market ...more

BMW 330i Sportech Turbo
The BMW 330i naturally lends itself to modification, as its such a beautifully solid motorcar. In standard form it has a great suspension set up for lots of grip and driver feedback. And the famous in-line straight-six cylinder engine ...more

BMW M3 Convertible
Imagine the best of both worlds if you are a Beemer fan. Soaking up the sun in a 3-Series convertible, and enjoying full-on M3 performance levels when the road is clear up ahead. The M3 convertible is the ultimate in BMW 3 Series rides ...more

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