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Broadcast dates :     29th August 2004 at 16h00

2nd September at 22h30

Car torque Roadshow
The first Car Torque Road Show was held in August 2004. It gave the chance for over 100 of our viewers to get up-close and dangerous, not only with a mouthwatering array of exotic cars, but with our presenters 
Big Boss Golf and Opel
Natural rivals. Thatís the Volkswagen Golf and Opel Astra Coupe. There are other light cars like Toyotas Nissan and Fiats that have captured the imagination of enthusiasts over the years ...more

Audi TT 3.2 V6
Audiís TT has been one of the most successful models in the companyís history. Launched here in 2000 with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine and the famous Quattro all-wheel-drive ...more

Nissan Micra
Micra-speak is a language that Nissan has evolved to celebrate the most exciting new car the company has launched in decades ...more

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