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Broadcast date : 2nd May 2004

Honda Accord 2,4 Type S
The Honda Accord Two Point Four Type-S is a difficult car to categorise. It is best described as a sports sedan, but it employs a mix of luxury and no-nonsense simplicity that sees it appealing to a wide cross section of car buyers ...more

Citroen C2
The Citroen C2 is based very much on the larger C3, but with a shortened chassis to give it more urban appeal. Measuring just three comma six metres in length, the C2 has a stubby, cheeky appearanc ...more

Peugeot 407 and rally cars
Peugeot's 407 is due to be launched here in July and it won't be a minute too soon when it arrives here. The 406 sedan it replaces is a car with impeccable road holding, build and lusty performance, but it is clothed in the automotive equivalent ...more

Ford Mustang turns 40
It was on the seventeenth of April 1964 that the car world was rocked by the birth of what became known as the first pony-car - the Ford Mustang. Based on the conservative Ford Falcon econo-car, the Mustang was at the forefront ...more

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