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Broadcast dates : 21st November 2004 16h00

25th November 2004 23h00

Hot-rodding Heaven - Monty Booth's hotrods
Every hot-rodderís dream starts out something like this. Good solid metal with perhaps a bit of surface rust to take the sheen off the paint thatís left over. All the essential trim, which gives you the option of retaining the bits you want

Kia Magentis
Some time ago Kia joined forces with Hyundai, the most successful Korean car company to date, although the two brands are marketed very much as separate entities. But itís clear that the Kia Magentis ...more

Peugeot Quarck
Peugeot, the giant French automaker, has been doing extensive research into the power source of future vehicles. Namely the fuel cell. Itís generally accepted that this device, which uses hydrogen and oxygen ...more

VW Caddy
Urban transporters like the Caddy are in effect a variation on the four-by-four double cab theme, and based on rugged work-horse pick-ups. The Urban transporters, in another life, would be delivering pizzas

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